palette Pen Color:
draw Pen Size: 2
width Canvas Width: 350 px
height Canvas Height: 200 px
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Elevate your digital presence with the AI Signature Generator, a free online tool that transforms your hand-drawn signature into a polished and professional masterpiece. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, this innovative tool enhances your signature's curve smoothness and overall aesthetic appeal, ensuring a polished and professional impression in every digital interaction.

How to Use AI Signature Generator Tool

Stroke Color

Access the "Pen Color" section in the tool interface. Open the color picker, where you can select your preferred color for the signature. Close the color picker once you've made your selection.

Adjust Stroke Size

Navigate to the "Pen Size" section. Customize the thickness of your signature lines by manipulating the pen size slider. The current thickness value is prominently displayed next to the slider.

Select Image Dimensions

Fine-tune the dimensions of the signature canvas in the "Canvas Width" and "Canvas Height" sections. Use the sliders to set the width and height according to your preferences, with real-time display of the current values.

Draw Your Signature

Utilize your mouse or touch input to craft a unique signature directly on the canvas. Infuse creativity into the design as you draw.

Save As .PNG

After completing your signature, locate the option to download it as an image file. Click the download button to save your signature as a .png image, featuring a transparent background.